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Data Storage

Data growth will outpace the provisioning of storage system capacities. Storage systems will be required to reliably provide constantly growing data volumes with minimum latency.

Storage will have to ensure uninterrupted access to huge quantities of data. Data Storage solutions with smart data efficiency functions will be needed to help organize storage systems and make the right data available at the right time.

Combination of below types of storage may needed based on the storage needs, pricing, performance, availability, etc.

 Hybrid Storage

Hybrid Storage

Ideal balance of capacity, price,
and performance

NVMe All-Flash Storage

NVMe All-Flash Storage

Extreme performance with minimal latency for the most demanding applications

All-Flash Storage

All-Flash Storage


Our focus is on the following technological areas under storage.

Years of experience in software development, qualification, and conformance on storage I/O protocols like NVMe, NVMe-MI, SAS, SATA etc. on the host side.

Understanding of the internals of SSD controller, Nand flash, FW design and implementation and Experts in validating storage I/O protocol test systems, hardware.

Understanding of the NVMe-oF especially on NVMe/TCP the next generation networked NVMe technology solution for the storage over internet

Align with the storage industry standards

Data Protection Technologies

Conformance Testing on OCP Standard for NVMe Cloud 1.0

Understanding of the internals of SSD controller

NAND Flash & Firmware Design and Implementation

Storage I/O

Set of rules that define how data is transmitted between devices and host over the hardware infrastructure.

SSD/Flash ( Flash based SSD’s )

It’s also known as nonvolatile flash memory that eliminates any mechanical movement unlike electromechanical disks (HDD)

Data Protection Technologies

Safeguarding important data from corruption, compromise or loss and providing the capability to restore the data to a functional state should something happen to render the data inaccessible or unusable.


Improves the application performance efficiency through the integration of compute resources.

Compute Express Link (CXL)

Designed for high performance data center computers and is built on top of PCIe specification

Open Compute Project (OCP)

Design and enable the delivery of the most efficient server, storage, and data center hardware designs available for scalable computing

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Convergence of all 3 main elements viz; Storage, Compute and Network on a single platform.