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  Trust is the one key word that all customers expect from us.
We take this trust at the level where the customer feels right at home with us and having all that they need from us. 

About Company

Silarra is a dynamic IT company focused primarily on Product Engineering Space on software development, Qualification, Prototyping and Consulting Services with excellent references on the international market.

The company has been founded in 2016 in Bengaluru (earlier Bangalore), India by a core team of IT specialists in Storage, Embedded Software and Systems Domain expertise. Silarra is a unique team of strongly motivated and highly skilled technical and software engineering specialists, as well a mature and well-designed IT outsourcing business culture.

We can provide solutions even starting from incomplete, less-defined specifications. We are specialized in approaching from scratch with many technological and creative challenges.

Our Learning and Professional DNA gives us the edge to assimilate technology grey areas and quickly contribute to the customer success and guarantee customer delight.

Our Vision

To be the best people that care and provide products and solutions on Storage technology, Embedded Software, Linux Systems, and allied cutting edge technology-needs of customer.

Our Mission

Achieve our business objective with a deep purpose of overall wellness of the society, employees, stake holders and customers reflecting our tag line

Our Focus

On the Storage side, the focus is mainly on IO protocols like SATA/SAS, PCIe based NVMe (in and side band), NVMe over Fabric and others as well that has an element of storage-based technology into it

Software development and QA on Embedded Software and Linux system, Open-Source technologies and IOT.

Value addition to the semiconductor engineering space via the system software design and development

We collaborate with customers for PoC on emerging tech and feasibility

Our own Silarra Labs (S-Labs) on internal research and understanding emerging tech and developing PoC etc.